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Astra Diet Tea 2 ounce

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Product Description

How Astra Diet Tea Works

Astra Diet Tea is a Health Concerns formula containing herbs that can help control or lose weight. The carefully selected ingredients come with potent qualities that enable you to gain the most nutritional value out of your food without consuming too much of it or when on a diet. They also regulate the functions of the stomach and contribute to the restoration of appetite to normal in cases of excessive appetite and/or hunger pangs. Astra Diet Tea can be used in combination with Astra 18 Diet pills and complete your weight control or weight loss program.

Astra Diet Tea Uses

You may use the tea to improve your digestion and promote weight loss and normal appetite. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astra Diet Tea is used to vitalize and build Qi while also resolving stomach phlegm. At the same time, it can regulate the Spleen and Stomach, improve the function of the Kidneys, and potentially alleviate bloating, gas, and nausea. Furthermore, Astra Diet Tea may even boost your energy and revitalize you.

The Importance of Balanced QI

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, people experiencing low energy or an upset stomach are probably suffering from imbalanced Qi. The same applies to individuals that are not satisfied with their weight. Again, an out-of-balance Qi can be the cause for that. This is because Qi (translated as life force or vital force) is described as the body’s innate ability to maintain homeostasis. In other words, the human body is believed to be intelligent enough to regulate its internal environment. The goal? To ensure optimal health for us.

When the Qi is blocked or otherwise imbalanced, we get ill or experience physical pain. When our Wi is balanced, our body can bounce back after an injury or fight off a virus while also enjoying a clear state of mind, as well as good immunity, digestion, and endurance.

Therefore, if you have just the right amount of Qi, you can complete your daily tasks with ease, wake rested, sleep well, and have the energy needed to meet your body’s needs. In the opposite case, you will most likely feel like something about your system is “off”, and this could include anything from loss of appetite, difficulty digesting food, depression, anemia, allergies, and catching colds easily. You may even experience anger and fright if your Qi stagnates.

But, having too much Qi is also a problem as it can make you tense, stressed, and irritable.

Astra Diet Tea Helps Rebalance Your QI

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners help regulate and rebalance Qi using acupuncture and herbal teas to stimulate the natural processes of the body. Astra Diet Tea Extract is one of the most effective teas for that purpose, thanks to its compounds. The formula contains the following herbs:

  • Bo He (Peppermint) – It can help combat nausea, bloating, and gas while also aiding digestion.
  • Gan Jiang (Ginger) – The gingerol in it carries potent medicinal (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory) properties, which help reduce oxidative stress, treat nausea, lower Body Mass Index and blood glucose levels, and fight chronic indigestion, among others.
  • Pi Pa Ye (Eleutheroginseng) – An herb rich in antioxidants that can nourish the spleen and stomach and reduce stomach phlegm.
  • Zi Su Ye (Perilla leaf) – It can disperse cold, release the exterior, improve lung function, encourage the movement of stomach and spleen Qi, and detoxify allergies. It may even help suppress appetite.
  • Dan Zhu Ye (Lophatherum) – This herb can increase urination, decrease thirst, boost energy levels, and combat irritability due to heat in the stomach or heart channels.

Astra Diet Tea Side Effects and Cautions

Traditional Chinese Medicine is powerful. However, it is not easy to benefit from it if you don’t have the required knowledge. Due to its complexity, it is best to consult a licensed physician and refrain from self-treatment and self-diagnosis.

Also, as with every herbal tea intended for weight loss, it is not recommended to take it before bedtime. Astra Diet Tea has diuretic and energizing qualities that may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

How and When to Take Astra Diet Tea

Drink one cup of tea 30 minutes before a meal. To prepare, mix 30 drops of Astra Diet Tea extract in 8 oz. of water (preferably warm). For improved results, you may combine with Astra 18 Diet capsules.

Astra Diet Tea FAQs

Q: Does Astra Diet Tea taste bitter like most teas?

A: No, on the contrary, it has a somewhat sweet flavor that most people find enjoyable.

Q: Does it contain caffeine?

A: No, the formula is caffeine-free.

Q: Is caffeine-free tea as healthy as regular tea?

A: Unlike decaffeinated teas, caffeine-free tea has all the antioxidants and polyphenols of regular tea. What is only missing is caffeine and the effects it can bring. Therefore, it delivers the same health benefits as regular tea.

Q: Can I drink Astra Diet Tea even if I don’t want to lose weight?

A: Absolutely. Besides enjoying a fine-tasting cup of tea, you will also provide your body with the energy it needs for its daily functions.