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Ginseng Relieve Diarrhea 75 grams

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Product Description

Ginseng Relieve Diarrhea 75 Grams

Product Description

Ginseng Relieve Diarrhea 75 Grams

BrandHerbsmith Veterinarian Formulas - Small Animal
English name
Unit Size75 Grams
IngredientsScutellaria (huang qin) - Plantago (che qian zi) - Raw Rehmannia Root (sheng di huang) - Alisma (ze xie) - Gentiana (long dan cao) - Fructus Gardeniae Jasminoidis (zhi zi) - Bupleurum (chai hu) - Licorice Root (gan cao) - Angelica Tang Kuei (dang gui) - Longan Fruit - long yan rou
Longan fruit Jujube Seed (suan zao re)


Most dogs occassionally experience soft stool, whether from food changes, giardia or food sensitivities. Herbsmith Ginseng Relieve Diarrhea is best suited to help the dog who has recurrent low-grade, on-and-off diarrhea, especially when the dog has no urgency to defecate and the stool has very little odor. These dogs also tend not to be as vibrant as they have been in the past.

Chinese Theory:

The spleen and stomach regulate the transformation and transportation of fluids throughout the body. When the spleen or stomach is exhausted through poor nutrition, chronic stress, debilitation or aging, fluids of the body are affected leading to low-grade chronic diarrhea.

The food a dog eats is digested by the stomach and utilized by the spleen. When the spleen or stomach are not functioning optimally, the food eaten is not fully transformed into Qi, or energy. Lethargy and decreased energy will eventually become clinically evident.

The combination of herbs in Herbsmith Ginseng Relieve Diarrhea is used to tonify the spleen and stomach, increase levels of Qi, leach out dampness and relieve diarrhea.

Suggested Use:

For Dogs:
30 lbs..........½ tsp. twice a day,
30-80 lbs.......1 tsp. twice a day,
80-120 lbs.....1 ½ tsp. twice a day,
120 lbs........2 tsp. twice a day,
For Cats........¼ tsp. twice a day,

10 lbs.......1/2 count twice daily,
11-30 lbs.....1 count twice daily,
31-50 lbs.....2 count twice daily,
51-80 lbs.....3 count twice daily,
80 lbs........4 count twice daily,