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Peony Calm Shen 150 grams

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Product Description

Peony Calm Shen 150 Grams

Product Description

Peony Calm Shen 150 Grams

BrandHerbsmith Veterinarian Formulas - Small Animal
English name
Unit Size150 Grams
IngredientsBai Shao Yao / White Peony Root - Bai Zi Ren / Biota Seed - Chai Hu / Bupleurum Root - Dan Shen / Red Root Sage Root - Dan Gui Tou / Angelica Sinensis - Fu Shen / Poria - Mai Men Dong / Ophiopogon Tuber - Mu Li (Shu) / Oyster Shell - Qing Pi / Tangerine Peel (green) - Suan Zao Ren / Zizyphus - Tian Men Dong / Asparagus Tuber - Wu Wei Zi / Schisandra Fruit - Xiang Fu Zi / Nut Grass Rhizome
Cyperus - Xuan Shen / Scrophularia Root - Ye Jiao Teng / Fallopia multiflora Vine - Yuan Zhi / Polygala Root -

Anxiety, aggression, fear and irritability

Chinese Theory:
Anxiety is the negative emotion of disturbed heart shen and aggression and irritability are the negative emotion of a liver imbalance. It is not unusual in veterinary practice to see combinations of fear and anxiety with irritability and aggression.

Liver Qi stagnation is brought on by stress and chronic frustration as well as toxins. So liver Qi stagnation is commonly experienced in todays animals. In the five element theory liver affects heart or wood affects fire. So as the liver Qi Stagnation exists in the patient it can also affect the heart shen. Resulting in the combination of negative emotions of irritability and aggression with anxiety and fear.

Treatment Principles: Calm heart shen, Nourish heart, Soothe liver, and nourish blood

Suggested Use:

For Dogs:
15 lbs .¼ tsp. twice a day,
15-30 lbs..........½ tsp. twice a day,
31-80 lbs.......1 tsp. twice a day,
81-120 lbs.....1 ½ tsp. twice a day,
120 lbs........2 tsp. twice a day,

For Cats........¼ tsp. twice a day,