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Di Fu Zi 1 single serving package 2 grams

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Product Description

Di Fu Zi Granules, Single 2g Packet

Brand: TCM Zone

English name: Kochia Fruit

Chinese name: Di Gu Zi Granules

Unit Size: Single 2g Packet

Potency: 5:1 extract granules

Taste: Sweet, bitter

Properties: Cold

Chinese Symptomology: Painful urinary dribbling due to damp-heat accumulating in the Bladder with such symptoms as dark, burining, and scanty urine; Damp skin disorders and other dermatological problems where itching is a major symptom, such as eczema or scabies

Actions: Alleviates itching, removes damp-heat, unblocks painful urinary dribbling, clears wind-heat affecting the eyes and head.

Pattern: Damp-heat accumulating in the Bladder; Damp skin disorders; Damp-heat in the genitals

Channels Entered: Bladder, Kidney


Di Fu Zi - Kochiae Fructus

"Kochiae Fructus (di fu zi) is acrid, bitter, and cold; it clears, facilitates, dredges, and disperses. It primarily enters the Bladder channel, which governs the exterior of the body, and also the lower outlet of the fluid pathways. Kochiae Fructus (di fu zi) mobilizes the exterior and thus alleviates itching and by dispersing pathogenic wind in the muscle layer and skin. It also clears damp-heat internally and facilitates urination. Thus, it is often used, both internally and externally, for intense itching of the skin due to wind-dampness affecting the exterior in such disorders as eczema and scabies, or damp-heat in the genitals. This herb is commonly used for urinary difficulty that is dark, scanty, burning, and painful due to accumulated damp-heat in the Bladder. Its ability to clear wind-heat enables it to treat swollen, painful eyes and head, or dizziness." - Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medicia.

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