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Du Huo 1 single serving package 2 grams

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Product Description

Du Huo Granules, Single 2g Packet

Brand: TCM Zone

English name: Pubescent Angelica Root Granules

Chinese name: Du Huo Granules

Unit Size: Single 2g Packet

Potency: 5:1 extract granules

Taste: Bitter, acrid

Properties: Warm

Contraindications: This substance is drying and readily injures the yin. It should be used with caution in those with yin or blood deficiency, and should not be used in patients with internal wind. - Bensky

Chinese Symptomology: Wind-cold-damp painful obstruction, especially in the lower back and legs; Exterior wind-cold with dampness; Yin-stage headache and toothache - Bensky

Actions: Treats painful obstruction in the lower body, dispels lurking wind in the Kidney channel - Bensky

Pattern: Wind-dampness; win-cold-damp painful obstruction; Lesser yin-stage headache and toothache

Channels Entered: Kidney, Bladder


Du Huo - Pubescent Angelica Root

Actions & Indications (from Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica)

  • Dispels wind-dampness and alleviates pain: for such disorders as wind-cold-damp painful obstruction, especially in the lower back and legs. Can be used for both acute and chronic conditions.
  • Disperses wind-cold-damp and releases the exterior: for exterior wind-cold together with dampness.
  • Also used for lesser yin stage headache and toothache.

Note: TCMZone products are intended to be used by those who are under the care and supervision of a LICENSED health care professional.