About Us

2023 marked the 18th year of helping people on their way back to health and staying healthy! The clinic, Acupuncture Atlanta (Acuatlanta.com), beat us by a few years, but we’re ok with that.

The Acupuncture Atlanta online store (Acuatlanta.net) was created in September 2005, initially offering 15 lines for sale to our founder Warren’s private practice. He was often seen packing up orders on his desk in between patients. As the clinic and store expanded, the office was relocated to accommodate additional clinic practitioners and inventory.

Since 2005 we have been providing expert knowledge, advice and access to only the highest quality Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic products online. These products we carry are not only hand-picked by our staff but used in the clinic AND by the staff. We know it works!

Today the store has grown to almost 200 manufacturers, including doctor-trusted brands, professional quality Chinese Herbs, as well as the addition of functional foods, sports, beauty & personal care and pet products. We provide supplements and herbs to customers and clients across the U.S. and internationally.

Pledge of Service

We’ve grown a lot since 2005, but still maintain our family-run ethos. We pledged to provide excellent customer service, to be of service, to do ‘no harm’ and that pledge continues today. We wouldn’t be where we are today without taking care of our customers.

Our Team

We employ a diverse team who share the same desire: to help others on their path to health. We maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere in our Atlanta, GA office. We are like family and can work together in a fun and meaningful way.

Our knowledgeable staff continually researches to stay current on the latest product developments and health information in order to better serve you. Our trained staff are available weekdays for phone consultations and product-related questions. Call, email, or chat in on the website for assistance.

Founding History

“I believe that all of us deserve a healthy, vital life and that we have the potential to create that for ourselves.” – Warren Cargal, Founder

Our founder, Warren Cargal L. Ac., worked tirelessly to help manage and oversee the company’s day to day Clinic and online store activities until his passing in early 2020. He famously did not believe in retirement, and devoted all of his time to his family, the clinic, regular cycling trips, and in-depth health research for one of his latest books. And he still somehow managed to find time to answer the phone and help customers with their health issues.

Warren began his career in healing as a therapist for several years before studying acupuncture in 1993. With over 20 years of practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Warren spent hundreds of post-graduate hours in Chinese herbology, nutrition and endocrine education. He integrated both the traditional practice of TCM with modern functional nutrition to best serve his patients. He has written several books including “Your Mitochondria: Key to Health and Longevity” and “The Reality We Create”. Purchase his recent releases here or on Amazon.

Warren Cargal
Acupuncture Atlanta Founder

Our Mission

As we celebrated our 18th anniversary in 2023 of the online store, we continue to be proud of the path we've travelled to provide health and wellness to all of our customers. In all areas, we are continuing Warren’s long term vision for the clinic: to aid and empower people to regain their health and balance through the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, combined with the best of what modern integrative medicine has to offer.

We Take Quality Seriously


All of our products are selected and approved by our trained staff. These brands are GMP certified, and pass rigourous testing by nationally recognized labs.


Each of our professional grade products adhere to strict manufacturing standards, where you can be sure that what is on the label is what is in the bottle.


Our manufacturing process derives herbs and minerals at a stronger potency than typical brands, ensuring you receive the best benefits that our ingredients provide.

What is “Doctor Trusted?”

This means that global health practitioners trust, use and recommend these brands to their patients the world over. Professional-grade supplements have a higher level of standards than the average supplement: they adhere to stricter sourcing, testing, and potency.

The efficacy of any of these products depends on quality. You can be sure of that when you are shopping with us and we promise your items will be: Safe, free from contaminants, and manufactured responsibly, meeting GMP standards.