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Ortho Molecular

About Ortho Molecular

Ortho Molecular is a manufacturer of evidence-based nutraceuticals founded in 1989 and headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The company operates its own 100,000 square foot, FDA-audited manufacturing facility, allowing complete control over the production process from sourcing to labeling. For over 25 years, Ortho Molecular has partnered with healthcare providers to provide quality supplements supporting healthier lifestyles and improved wellbeing.

Ortho Molecular aims to achieve maximum efficacy in every formula. Ingredients are selected based on traditional use, clinical evidence, bioavailability, safety testing, and precise therapeutic dosages. Stringent quality control governs every step of manufacturing, from raw material specifications to finished product testing for purity and label claims.

A key offering is the Core Restore Program, a 7-day cleanse designed to detoxify the liver and support gastrointestinal health. It includes a handbook and mobile app from MBODY360 for tracking and personalized nutrition plans. The Clean 14 Program provides science-based guidance over 14 days to transition toward healthier eating habits and prevent chronic disease.

Notable products include Adren-All to balance cortisol, AdreneVive for energy and stress resilience, CereVive for mood and memory, Diaxinol for blood sugar support, InflammaCORE for cell health and immunity, and a high absorption Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 for cardiovascular and antioxidant benefits. Ortho Molecular pursues the highest quality through evidence-based formulas meeting therapeutic potency and bioavailability standards.