Clinical Synergy

Clinical Synergy

About Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas provides research-based nutritional supplements and protocols for health practitioners treating critical conditions like cancer, toxicity, and immune dysfunction. Headquartered in California, the company partners with research institutions to publish peer-reviewed studies on integrated, patient-centered therapies.

Clinical Synergy's mission is improving patient health by supporting practitioners with effective, quality solutions. Dr. Eliaz works closely with patients to understand needs and continue developing smart, safe answers through ongoing research. The company prioritizes individualized care over products.

Rigorous quality control ensures supplement safety and efficacy. Ingredients like mushrooms and herbs are sourced from certified organic growers. Raw materials and finished products are tested for purity and consistency. Manufacturing audits guarantee adherence to cGMP certified processes.

Core product categories address adrenal, breast, heart, bone, liver, thyroid, men’s, and women’s health concerns, as well as diabetes support, detoxification, relaxation, and more. Signature combinations include ArteMax immune support, Pure Honokiol for mood and sleep, Glyphodetox for agricultural toxin removal, Men’s Essentials Plus, and Women’s Longevity Essentials Gold multivitamins.