Our Practitioners

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Dr. Adelena Izold, ND

Dr. Adelena Izold is a licensed naturopathic doctor with a passion for integrative medicine. After her own experiences within the traditional medical system, she sought a more comprehensive approach to wellness, leading her to naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Izold's goal is to help you achieve optimal health by empowering you with knowledge and providing exceptional care.

Her specialties are hormone management, chronic conditions, and uncovering the root cause of health issues using advanced diagnostic testing.

Adelena graduated with honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed her undergraduate degree in Health and Wellness with a Pre-Medicine focus at Buffalo State University.

McKenzy Brewer, DC

McKenzy Brewer, DC, is a compassionate and Board Certified Chiropractor who earned her degree from Parker University in 2021. Her education, as well as additional coursework, provided her with invaluable skills in identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic diseases, empowering her to enhance the quality of life for her patients.

Having confronted her own health challenges, including PCOS, Hashimoto's and CFS, McKenzy embarked on a journey toward natural healing. Through her personal experiences, she discovered the importance of uncovering underlying stressors and adopting a holistic approach to wellness. Witnessing significant improvements in her own health and quality of life, McKenzy is now dedicated to serving and supporting others on similar paths.

With a gentle approach to treatment and a focus on compassion and integrity, McKenzy specializes in reducing inflammation and mitigating the long-term effects of stress. She is committed to providing personalized care that addresses the unique needs of each individual, guiding them towards improved health and well-being.

Nabila  Jahan, Health and Wellness Specialist

Nabila Jahan is a Georgia native with a passion for Wellness and Nutrition. Holding a Bachelors of Sci Clear ence degree in Human Nutrition from Purdue University Global in 2022, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Nabila's strengths are in her ability to educate clients on reading food and product labels and making informed decisions about their diets and lifestyles. Through her guidance, individuals gain valuable insights into the science behind nutrition and the long-term benefits of adopting healthy eating habits. Committed to fostering lifelong, sustainable wellness practices, Nabila is dedicated to supporting and assisting individuals on their journey towards optimal health.

With a comprehensive understanding of Nutrition Science, Nabila's interests span a wide array of areas including weight management, food safety, diabetes nutrition, sports nutrition, women's health, allergy management and much more. She also holds knowledge on benefits and uses of various supplements, vitamins and herbs. Her expertise lies in decoding the intricate connections between nutrition and overall well-being, empowering clients with knowledge on how dietary choices impact their bodies.

During her free time, Nabila enjoys traveling and exploring scenic views and sunsets with her husband, Arif.