Evergreen Classic Formulas

Evergreen Classic Formulas

About Evergreen Classic Herbal Formulas

Evergreen Classic Herbal Formulas is a line of over 200 traditional Chinese herbal remedies produced by Evergreen Herbs. These classic formulas follow formulations that have been observed, documented, and used by Chinese healers for thousands of years.

The Evergreen Classic line carefully adheres to the standards and methods set out in the latest Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China for respected formulation of Chinese herbal supplements. Formulas combine specific medicinal plant, mineral and animal ingredients that were tested and recorded by ancient practitioners.

Ingredients for Evergreen Classic products are chosen for their traditional relevance, highest quality, and standardized full-spectrum herbal extracts. Following ancestral production methods, herbs are processed and combined according to precise timing to ensure each formula’s greatest efficacy.

The extensive knowledge of ancient Chinese herbalists allows Evergreen to offer confidently produced classic remedies for practitioners today. The Evergreen Classic line makes over 200 of these enduring, definitive herbal formulas available using modern standards of quality and safety.

As with all Evergreen Herbs products, the Evergreen Classic line upholds stringent Good Manufacturing Practices and quality control testing protocols to verify purity, potency and performance while meeting all Chinese and U.S. regulatory requirements.