Scientific Medicinal Systems

Scientific Medicinal Systems

About Scientific Medicinal Systems Inc

Scientific Medicinal Systems Inc was founded to bring innovative herbal formulations to market. The company is headquartered in Indiana and led by researcher Dr. Dorothy Morré and her husband Dr. D. James Morré. Their mission is to develop safe, natural health products based on extensive scientific research.

In 2021, the Morrés licensed their proprietary Capsol-T formulation to Scientific Medicinal Systems for manufacturing and distribution. Capsol-T combines decaffeinated green tea and capsicum extracts to create a synergistic product that is over 100 times more potent than green tea alone. One serving contains the antioxidants of 16 cups of green tea to support healthy cell growth and function.

Key products include the original Capsol-T formula with 350mg capsules for daytime use as well as a sustained release Capsol-TSR version for overnight protection. For added convenience, the Capsol-T and Capsol-TSR Overnight Kit bundles both day and night formulas together. The capsicum extract comes from mild peppers so it can be gently tolerated by most people including those with sensitive stomachs.

By providing research-backed natural products like Capsol-T, Scientific Medicinal Systems enables consumers to proactively support their health at the cellular level both day and night.