Dr. Kang Formulas

Dr. Kang Formulas

About Dr. Kang Chinese Herbal Formulas

Dr. Kang Formulas is a professional line of Chinese herbal products based on the decades of clinical experience of its founder, Dr. P.Q. Kang. Starting in 1991 in San Francisco, Dr. Kang introduced his line of key traditional formulas, specifically adapted for western patients.

Unhappy with the quality of Chinese herbs coming from large markets, Dr. Kang and partner Dr. Liang worked directly with small farmers in remote regions of China to establish sustainable, chemical-free sources of their herbs.

Some of Dr. Kang's formulas include: Anti-Dep, For Hair, Advanced Chole-Clear, Head Ac, and Stop Smoking.

To achieve the best potency and integrity, herbs in each unique formula are cooked together and then concentrated to a clinical strength 5-7:1 extract. Delivered in powder-filled capsules, Dr. Kang's Formulas offer superior absorption in a convenient form.

All Dr. Kang products are free of additives, fillers, and GMOs, and are manufactured in a GMP certified facility. With over 40 clinically developed products to choose from, Dr. Kang's Formulas is an excellent choice for patients and practitioners who won't compromise on quality or purity.