Blue Poppy Originals

Blue Poppy Originals

About Blue Poppy Originals

Founded around 40 years ago by Bob Flaws and Honora Wolfe, pioneers in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Blue Poppy is a respected manufacturer of quality herb formulas and materials that address the health concerns of patients in the USA. Their mission is to create goods, services, and information to improve, establish, and advance Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the West. Their focus is helping improve people’s health and prevent disease.

Originally a publisher of scarce English books on TCM, Blue Poppy saw a need for quality herbal formulas for American patients. They provide unique formulations based on Chinese research, topical formulas, pediatric liquids, concentrated traditional capsules and tablets, and acupuncture needles. Their needles aim to provide excellent quality at a low cost.

Blue Poppy launched a Continuing Education program with over 130 TCM courses conferring certification. They also donate needles to support professional organizations and acupuncture projects globally.

All sealed Blue Poppy extracts have potential for an extended shelf life. Tablets and capsules maintain efficacy beyond the standard 3-5 years when stored properly. Tinctures should be consumed within 36 months.

Using top quality Chinese herbs, Blue Poppy's manufacturing facility meets cGMP standards. Formulas are tested to be free of contaminants. Full lab results per batch are available upon request. All formulas are insured for liability.