About NutraMedix

Founded in the 1990s by Tim and Bertha Eaton, NutraMedix offers natural health supplements sourced from indigenous plants in Peru. The company is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida and was created with the mission to improve physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing around the world through high-quality, research-backed botanical remedies.

After witnessing extreme poverty and lack of healthcare access in Peru firsthand during their travels, the Eatons sought to make a difference by providing Peruvian plant medicines to those in need. A portion of NutraMedix profits funds health projects across 6 continents. The company partners with local communities to ethically and sustainably source ingredients while honoring cultural traditions.

With over 40 natural supplements targeting various health issues, NutraMedix takes a holistic approach to wellness. Top selling products include Samento for immune support, Antarctic Krill Oil for heart and brain health, MoodMedix for mood enhancement, Quercetin to aid digestion, and Serrapeptase to support respiratory function. The safety and efficacy of all formulas are validated through extensive research and testing.

Key to the NutraMedix philosophy is radical generosity - giving back abundant health through high quality, natural ingredients sourced in a way that regenerates rather than depletes communities and ecosystems around the world.