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Herb Pharm

About Herb Pharm

Founded in 1979 by Ed Smith and Sara Katz, Herb Pharm envisions creating effective liquid herbal products from high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients without manipulating nature. Headquartered in Williams, Oregon, the company promotes environmental and community wellness through regenerative farming techniques.

Herb Pharm offers over 250 herbal formulas to support nearly every body system. Key categories include products for aging, anxiety, digestion, heart health, immunity, men’s and women’s health, respiratory function, sleep, stress, and more. The manufacturer strives to capture each herb's optimal potency through careful harvesting, on-site extraction within an hour of harvest, and cold percolation processing methods.

The company’s 65-acre certified organic farm and adjacent state-of-the-art facility enables close monitoring of growth cycles and extraction timeliness. Herb Pharm also sources over 200 herbs through ethical wildcrafting partnerships and small-scale organic farms across the world matched to each plant’s ideal climate. Rigorous identity testing procedures ensure herb purity and potency.

Herb Pharm’s natural harvesting practices, such as Salmon-Safe certified water management, promote the wellbeing of surrounding ecosystems. Educational initiatives like the Herbaculture Internship Program teach about botanical medicine. The company has received awards for its sustainable business model, transparency, organic quality standards, and positive workplace culture.

Best-selling products include Super Echinacea for immune support, Female Libido Tonic to address women’s reproductive health, Lung Expectorant with elecampane and lobelia extracts, and Kids’ Immune Fortifier with organic elderberry, astragalus, and reishi mushroom.