Premier Research Labs

Premier Research Labs

About Premier Research Labs

Founded in 1985 by a leading clinical nutritionist, Premier Research Labs (PRL) manufactures premier nutritional products and superfood concentrates using pioneering quantum cellular resonance technology to formulate all its products. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, PRL's core mission is to deliver highly effective, 100% non-toxic, and uncompromising quality formulas to healthcare practitioners and consumers.

A key innovation is PRL's focus on creating formulas without excipients or additives that can degrade quality over time. Instead of cheaper ingredients, PRL sources premium-grade materials globally and develops stringent protocols for quality control. PRL was also among the first to produce nutritional supplements without animal glandulars.

Rigorous Quality Control

All incoming raw materials undergo testing with chromatography, bioenergetic screens, and proprietary quantum reflex analysis to eliminate any compromised or inferior ingredients. Advanced photoluminescence technology also ensures materials are not poorly grown, irradiated, pesticided, or degraded. Final products use solvent-free vegan capsules and nitrogen flushing for freshness.

Restoring Quantum Coherence

Drawing from quantum physics research on the biofield, PRL focuses on formulas that restore quantum coherence in the body to unleash innate healing and sustain optimal health over time. This includes using biocompatible, toxin-free ingredients blended for ideal cellular resonance. By providing quantum changes, PRL believes individuals can experience dramatically improved wellness by following advanced lifestyle strategies.