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Mother Earth Labs

About Mother Earth Labs

Mother Earth Labs is a nutritional supplements company founded in South Texas that utilizes nature's nutrient delivery systems of Humic and Fulvic to enhance nutrient absorption. Their "cell-ready" formulas contain high concentrations of Humic and Fulvic, which provide nutrients directly to cells to support healthy bodily functions.

The company was founded by biochemist CareyLyn Carter after Humic and Fulvic helped improve her health when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. After researching and testing the compounds' effectiveness, CareyLyn sought to make her own high-quality, affordable Humic and Fulvic products to help others, launching Mother Earth Labs and its signature product "The Gift."

Mother Earth Labs manufactures its products in an ISO 9000, cGMP-compliant facility using HEPA-filtered rooms. They source Humic and Fulvic and other nutrients from pure deposits and ancient plant sources containing amino acids, vitamins, and ionic minerals. Their proprietary processes separate and purify the ingredients without using pressure, heat, acids or chemicals.

Key product lines include The Gift Humic and Fulvic supplements, pH Balancer alkalizing formulas, Lugol's Iodine Plus, Fulvic Liquid Minerals, Comprehensive Wellness antioxidants, GI UltraMax probiotics, Replenish Veggie Protein powders, Pet Wellness supplements, Ionic Magnesium, and Osteo-Wellness bone health formulas. Professional services and education are also offered.