Myco Herb

Myco Herb

About MycoHerb

MycoHerb is a superior product line from Kan Herb Company that harnesses the health benefits of mushrooms. Drawing on over 3,000 years of ancient Chinese medicine using mushrooms therapeutically, MycoHerb offers potent formulations for immune support, cleansing, and antioxidants.

Kan Herb meticulously controls every phase of production at their cGMP-compliant California facility to ensure safety, quality, and potency. All products are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment and tested for composition and identity before release.

Top-selling MycoHerb products include Tremella for healthy water metabolism and fatigue; Reishi Forte for mental calmness and immunity; Tri-Forte for blood sugar and respiratory health; Shiitake for digestion and sleep; and Poria for water retention, digestion, cardiovascular health, and liver function.

By combining ancient wisdom with modern science, MycoHerb makes mushroom supplements more bioavailable and complete. Kan Herb's commitment to excellence and quality assurance ensures the purity and effectiveness of every MycoHerb formula.