Evergreen Collection Formulas

Evergreen Collection Formulas

About The Evergreen Collection

The Evergreen Collection is a line of traditional Chinese medicine formulas recovered and compiled by Evergreen Herbs. These herbal remedies aim to preserve and rediscover medicinal knowledge that was at risk of being lost over time.

Many ancestral Chinese medicine formulas were traditionally passed down orally from master to disciple. But due to circumstances like war and accidents, a majority of these secret family formulas failed to survive in complete form. Some were lost entirely while others survived only partially.

After extensive study with rural medicine masters across China, Dr. John Chen worked to recover this precious knowledge. By compiling rediscovered traditional formulas and documenting them for modern standards, The Evergreen Collection seeks to enrich and preserve Chinese medical wisdom.

Formulas in The Evergreen Collection target common health complaints of today by adapting recipes gathered through Dr. Chen’s research. As Research Director at Evergreen Herbs, Dr. Chen leverages his expertise in both Oriental medicine and Western pharmacology to recreate lost treasures of Chinese herbalism for modern practitioners.

Like all Evergreen products, formulas in The Evergreen Collection follow the company’s stringent quality control and safety testing procedures while meeting all regulatory guidelines. These rediscovered remedies offer safe, effective herbal support for patients.