Integrative Therapeutics

Integrative Therapeutics

About Integrative Therapeutics

Founded in 2000 from several pioneering supplement companies, Integrative Therapeutics is a leading manufacturer of science-based nutritional supplements for healthcare professionals. Headquartered in Wisconsin, the company combines conventional and complementary medicine to address the root causes of health issues.

Integrative Therapeutics' mission focuses on providing practitioners with effective integrative protocols and products to improve patient outcomes. They partner with medical experts and rigorously research ingredients and formulas, rejecting fad trends for evidence-based development. The result is high-quality supplements backed by science and trusted by medical professionals.

Product categories span targeted areas like cellular support, cardiovascular health, detoxification, digestive health, energy and sleep, joint and muscle, mood support, nutritional foundations, respiratory, and women's health. Key differentiators include proprietary complexes like End FatigueTM, innovative delivery methods for enhanced absorption such as TheracurminTM, and condition-specific formulas like Cortisol ManagerTM.

As an NSF Certified GMP facility, Integrative Therapeutics adheres to the most rigorous quality and testing standards. They are fully transparent in labeling excipients and common allergens excluded from products. Practitioner resources include therapeutic programs, videos from integrative experts, and residency programs to advance integrative medicine.