About Panaxea

Panaxea International was founded by CEO Daniel Weber, a leader in health solutions who views human health from a holistic perspective, encompassing spirit, mind and body. Headquartered in Germany, Panaxea is committed to research and evidence-based approaches in developing herbal formulations inspired by ancient Eastern medicine and modern science.

Panaxea rigorously selects ingredients from reputable suppliers that maintain strict quality specifications. Facilities utilize Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set by the FDA. Upon completing quality control testing, a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is issued ensuring ingredients meet industry standards.

Key products include:

  • PS Calm: Promotes relaxation and sleep
  • AntiBioBotanical: Supports immunity and gut health
  • Affect D: Boosts mood, motivation and drive
  • FulNight: Encourages restful sleep
  • A1 Mark II: Fuels physical and mental performance

With a focus on safety, quality and evidence-based formulations, Panaxea aims to support whole-person wellness drawing from both ancient wisdom and modern science.