Standard Process

Standard Process

About Standard Process

Founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, Standard Process is a family-owned supplement company headquartered in Palmyra, Wisconsin. Staying true to Dr. Lee’s vision of providing whole food-based supplements, Standard Process aims to support holistic health through high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients.

All Standard Process products are made at their on-site manufacturing facility using fresh ingredients from their certified organic farm. With a focus on digestive/gastrointestinal health, Standard Process offers targeted supplement formulas as well as foundations for overall wellness.

Key product categories include gut health, bone/joint support, cardiovascular function, immunity, endocrine health, and sports nutrition. Their line of MediHerb herbal supplements complements the Standard Process line with botanical solutions for health conditions.

Stringent quality control ensures the purity and potency of all ingredients. Standard Process subjected their products to independent testing that verifies label claims match actual ingredient levels. By using whole food ingredients in therapeutic dosages and avoiding unnecessary additives, Standard Process aims to support the body's natural healing wisdom.