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NDF 1 ounce

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Product Description

NDF 1 oz

Natural detox formula & metal detox tonic.

NDF is a metal & chemical detoxification support which helps balance beneficial nutrient and mineral levels. It is a gentle detoxifying formula for individuals with a normal constitution.

NDF supports the excretion of metals. NDF also mobilizes and binds to chemicals and pesticides. The chlorella cell wall in NDF is a mucopolysaccharide (non-metal) ion exchange resin (MIER). It forms both ionic and double bonds with metals in the body. NDF supports memory, immune function, tolerance of environment, supports normal healthy histamine response, supports vitality, energy & focus.


  • Supports memory, immune function, tolerance of environment
  • supports normal, healthy histamine response
  • Supports vitality, energy & focus

Product Info

Amount Per Serving
Micronized Yaeyama Chlorella PolyFlor cell wall lysates of:
Organic Cilantro
L. rhamnosus
B. bifidum
L. acidophilus
B. infantis
B. longum
L. thermophilus
L. plantarum
L. salivarius
L. reuteri
L. casei
L. bulgaricus
L. acidophilus DDS-1

Other Ingredients:

Deionized water, gluten-free grain alcohol (20% by volume)

Dietary Considerations

  • Organic

Suggested Use

6 drops twice a day in 10 ounces of distilled or r/o water on an empty stomach constitutes the average dose for a 150 lb. adult . Sensitive individuals may want to start with one drop and gradually ramp up the dose. Dosage can be adjusted up to 2 ml. twice a day. Supervision by a physician is recommended.

A 1 ounce bottle is a 2 month supply at the average dose of 6 drops twice daily.


  • Storage: Store in cupboard. No refrigeration necessary.