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NOx Support 60 servings

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Product Description

Neogenis NOx Support

A Daily Whole Food Solution for Additional Nitric Oxide Support

A nutrient-rich superfood is now conveniently available in an easy-to-take shot. NOx Support is a whole food nutrient complex made from select premium organic beets utilizing a patented drying process to preserve the highest nitrate and phytonutrient content.*

The Circulation SuperFood

Regular intake of foods rich in dietary nitrates (such as beets) assist your body in supporting the conversion of these dietary nitrates to nitric oxide (N-O) in the body. When swallowed, our body converts the nitrates into N-O in our blood cells.
Scientific research shows that nitric oxide plays a role in helping to support:

  • Healthy circulation
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Stamina
  • Exercise endurance and recovery

Beets are naturally high in vitamins and minerals, and are also extremely high in polyphenols, which provide antioxidant support. Beets are also thought to help support detoxification and support cellular energy production.

Key Benefits of NOx Support:

  • Whole food nutrition in a great tasting shot
  • Strong natural boost in energy
  • Supports increased circulation
  • Additional daily N-O boost when used in conjunction with Neo40 daily regimen

Superior Beets For Superior Nutrients

NOx Support uses only the highest quality ingredients. Select, organic, high nitrate beets prepared through a patented drying process which ensures the most nutrient protection. Retaining antioxidant pigments, betalains and betaine, polyphenols, and key minerals from our beets also contribute to NOx's support of overall cardiovascular health.

The Natural Energy Shot

When used in combination with Neo40 daily restoration, NOx Support creates a natural caffeine-free boost in energy without a wired, jittery feeling. (N-O increases circulation and oxygen for improved ATP energy production — an intelligent approach for improving energy output.)

Complement Your Nitric Oxide Restoration

NOx Support is an episodic source of dietary nitrates for all ages which provides a short term boost in nitric oxide production. Neo40 daily is a complete restoration system intended to restore N-O levels in people over 40 who have declining N-O levels. NOx Support is a great complement to Neo40 daily for those individuals in search of an additional boost in nitric oxide during the day, or who are struggling to restore normal N-O levels.

Directions for Use:

Mix desired amount thoroughly in water daily and consume immediately as a shot. For best results, do not mix with juice. Goal is to support a normal N-O level or simply enjoy the daily healthful benefits of beetroot. NOx begins helping your body generate nitric oxide within 30 minutes.

NOx Support - Clinically Shown to Increase Blood Plasma Nitrate Levels

At Neogenis Medical, our scientists understand the mechanisms that effectively metabolize nitrate in the body, and in our patented technology we utilize those systems while making them more efficient. That's why we can deliver additional concentrated N-O activation through our NOx Support beetroot crystals.

In order to demonstrate that NOx Support is effective at increasing plasma nitrate levels, subjects consumed a 5-gram serving of NOx Support and plasma nitrate levels were measured every half hour for 2 hours. As shown in the figure above, consuming NOx Support increases plasma nitrate levels within 30 minutes and these levels remained significantly elevated for the duration of the study.

*Based on HPLC and Ozone-based testing.