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Replenish the Right 120 tablets

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Replenish the Right, 120 tablets

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ContraindicationsUse with caution in cases with Yin deficiency. Contraindicated during pregnancy.
Chinese SymptomologyDeficiency of Kidney Yang, Blood, and Essence
Western SymptomologyAching and weakness of the lower back and knees; extreme fatigue, dizziness; impotence, infertility; watery leukorrhea, frequent urination, slight incontinence, loose stools, possibly with undigested food, edema of the ankles
ActionsWarms and tonifies Kidney Yang, replenishes Essence (Jing), and nourishes Blood and Essence
PatternKidney Yang deficiency, waning Fire of the Gate of Vitality, Blood deficiency
TonguePale and damp
PulseDeep and weak, particularly in the rear positions
Chinese nameYou Gui Wan
English nameReplenish the Right, 120 tablets


Replenish the Right addresses deficient Kidney Yang and Essence, with a Cold and deficient Spleen and Stomach. Deficiency of Kidney Yang, Blood, and Essence is most often encountered in the state of exhaustion of those suffering from a lengthy illness and in the elderly. Extreme shock, fear, or guilt may also engender this condition, often accompanied by feelings of confusion and depression. Replenish the Right augments this Essence, and is an excellent tonic for anyone experiencing extreme fatigue or failure to thrive.* (Kan Herb Company)


Shu di huang (Rehmannia root (prepared) ); Lu jiao jiao (Deer horn gelatin (soybean) ); Shan yao (Chinese yam rhizome); Gou qi zi (Lycium fruit); Tu si zi (Chinese dodder seed); Du zhong (Eucommia bark); Rou gui (Chinese cinnamon bark); Shan zhu yu (Asiatic cornelian cherry); Dang gui shen (Dong quai root); Zhi fu zi (Sichuan aconite root)