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Restful Sleep and Pain Relief: Melatonin & Ginger 30 capsules

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Product Description

Restful Sleep and Pain Relief: Melatonin & Ginger

Fall asleep naturally with this non-habit-forming sleep aid delivering an optimized dose of non-groggy Melatonin, plus herbal pain relief from clinical-strength Ginger.

  • Restorative Sleep plus Pain Relief


What does Restful Sleep and Pain Relief do for you?

If you're one of the millions of Americans who struggle with sleep, this innovative non-habit-forming sleep aid is crafted just for you! Let pain-free sleep come naturally with non-groggy Melatonin (a science-backed sleep aid) PLUS natural pain relief from potent Ginger. Together, these active ingredients add up to a restful night of sweet, restorative sleep.

  • Optimized amount of Melatonin (1 mg) helps you fall asleep naturally and wake up refreshed with no next-day grogginess
  • Drug-free natural pain relief from clinical-strength Ginger
  • With Valerian & Tart Cherry in our herbal sleep blend
  • With Turmeric & Rosemary in our healthy inflammation blend

What makes New Chapter's sleep aid with Melatonin different?

Unlike sleep aids made with megadoses of melatonin that can leave you feeling groggy and hungover the next day, this pioneering formula is designed to deliver the just right amount of Melatonin—1 mg per dose. This tailored dose delivers effective sleep benefits with no next-day grogginess.

  • High-quality, non-GMO Melatonin helps regulate your natural sleep
  • Pure and potent Ginger for natural, herbal pain relief
  • Convenient once-daily dose is drug-free and non-habit forming
  • Sustainably sourced whole herbs and clean extraction processes, good for you & the planet

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule nightly within an hour before bedtime. For best results, allow for at least 6 hours of sleep.