Brand: Quicksilver Scientific

Blood Metals Panel Blood Spot Test Kit 1 kit

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Product Description

Blood Metals Panel Blood Spot Test

Quicksilver Scientific's Blood Metals Panel screens for 8 metals - a broad range of nutrient and toxic metals to show elevated exposures to toxic metals or imbalances of nutrient metals in whole blood with this blood spot test. No blood draw necessary or kit expiration dates.

Product Info

Kit Contents:

  • Kit Box
  • Blood Spot card
  • 2 lancets
  • Band aid
  • Gauze
  • Alcohol swab
  • Biohazard bag
  • Return shipping label
  • Return shipping bag
  • Instructions
  • Requisition

Suggested Use

Collect Samples

Step 1

Wash hands with soap and water. Use a clean towel to dry hands. Make sure hands are warm and circulation is going. Write your name and the date and time of collection on the card prior to collecting.

Tip: To encourage blood flow before nicking finger, rub hands together/swing arm and/or run hand under warm water.

Step 2

Open the cover on the collection card. Tape card to a flat surface like a table, below waist level. Open the alcohol prep pad. Select finger. Middle or ring finger of non-dominant hand is recommended.

Step 3

Wipe finger with alcohol prep pad and allow to air dry. Twist cap off lancet and press small white section firmly against the side of finger pad until lancet clicks. Wipe away the first blood drop with gauze.

Step 4

Position finger over circle of blood spot card and gently milk (don't squeeze) blood from the finger. Collect so that your hand is below your waist, allowing gravity to assist with blood flow.

Tip: Squeeze arm from elbow to base of finger.

Step 5

As blood drop forms and is ready to fall, touch the drop onto the center of the circle (one drop per circle). Continue collection until all circles have been filled. When finished, apply bandage.

Step 6

Leave blood spot card open to dry - minimum 30 minutes. Once sample is dry, close flap and place the card into the included prepaid envelope. Seal the biohazard bag. Store card in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight until it is shipped.

Finish & Send

Step 1

Complete all paperwork. Make sure all sections are filled in and your form is signed.

Step 2

Place the sample, the Test Requisition form and any additional paperwork back into the provided prepaid envelope. Seal the envelope and return using the appropriate carrier. Samples will remain stable under average shipping conditions, including over weekends and holidays.