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AC Grace

About AC Grace Supplements & Vitamins

AC Grace was founded in 1962 by Roy Erickson, who developed the company's signature supplement, Unique E, over the next 20 years. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, AC Grace is dedicated to creating pure, affordable dietary supplements that go beyond expectations to provide noticeable health benefits.

AC Grace is best known for its Unique product line, which aims to deliver vitamins and supplements in their purest, most bioavailable forms. Key products include:

  • Unique E Complex - A high-potency vitamin E supplement promoting cardiovascular health.
  • Unique Vitamin C - Supports immune function and nutrient absorption.
  • Micellized Vitamin D3 - Easily absorbed liquid Vitamin D3.
  • Unique Vitamin B+ - Supports nervous system and metabolic function.
  • Unique Vitamin K2 - Boosts calcium absorption for bone health.

AC Grace supplements contain no fillers, additives or artificial ingredients. They are vegetarian, kosher, non-GMO, and free of common allergens like soy, wheat and gluten. An emphasis on clinical-grade purity and complete vitamin complexes sets AC Grace apart from standard supermarket supplements. With a dedication to research and a commitment to quality spanning over 50 years, AC Grace continues to set new standards for supplemental nutrition. Their goal is simple: create the safest, most effective supplements to optimize health and wellbeing.