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About all One

all One was founded in 1972 by James Ingoldsby and his son Doug, who wanted to provide high-quality nutritional supplements without common additives like fillers and binders. Based in the United States, the company aims to give consumers more value for their money so they can meet their individual health needs.

A key milestone for the brand came with the development of their patented Time Released Nutrition (TRN) formula, which uses a special protein to help the body fully digest vitamins and minerals in powder form. This innovation solved the problem of tablets being difficult to break down while also eliminating the bitter metallic taste of loose powders.

Today, all One offers over 50 supplement products across categories like multivitamins, protein powders, weight management, and more. Their powders and liquids feature premium ingredients, including whole food bases, chelated minerals, probiotics, herbs, and concentrated organic greens.

The brand highlights quality assurance as a priority. Their USP-grade nutrients and raw materials are certified kosher and undergo rigorous contaminant testing. Many formulas are also certified organic or non-GMO.

Over the years, all One has earned recognition from health experts and consumer groups for their commitment to purity and potency. Their original formula won the Supplement Innovation Award from WholeFoods Magazine in 2019.