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Product Description

About Adaptocrine

The modern lifestyle is defined by elevated stress levels which demand extra hard work from the adrenal glands to keep balance inside the body and maintain harmony. Adaptocrine is a broad spectrum herbal product that contains adaptogens (plant compounds) which are found to contribute to regaining optimal adrenal function under times of stress (physical, emotional or chemical) by normalizing the effect of the HPA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal) axis, whether the adrenal glands are under- or over-producing (aka adrenal hypofatigue or hyperstress). The formula is also beneficial when balancing blood sugar is required to maintain energy levels. Overall, the product allows the management of the impact stress has on the body.

Importance of Adaptogens

In short, adaptogens are plant or herb extracts that help the body adapt to modern day stressors, including fatigue. They have the ability to boost your energy and calm you down at the same time without causing over-stimulation. They not only support adrenal function and restore the body’s balance but also help the body utilize oxygen more efficiently, assist cells in getting rid of toxic by-products of the metabolic process, and enable cells to access more energy. The Adaptocrine formula includes some of the most vital adaptogens for the adrenal glands.

Adaptocrine Ingredients

Panax Ginseng – Also referred to as Korean Ginseng, it is found to enhance the oxidation of fatty acid during prolonged exercise. To achieve that, it spars muscle glycogen and adequately supplies working muscles with oxygen, which also results in taking an enormous amount of stress off the adrenals and enhancing the metabolism of blood sugar. Panax Ginseng can also improve physical performance, energy, and stamina, as well as the HPA feedback loop while lowering the cortisol-caused suppression on the immune system.

Siberian Ginseng – A compound used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for fatigue, insomnia, joint pain, and muscle spasms. It can improve memory, foster impaired concentration, lift mild depression, combat chronic fatigue syndrome, and boost feelings of well-being. Some studies have also demonstrated that it can enhance athletic performance and work output under stressful conditions, along with improving an individual’s physical and mental responses during periods of stress.

Ashwagandha – A herbal adaptogen very popular in Ayurvedic medicine that appears to have an adaptogenic activity similar to Panax Ginseng and adaptogen-like glucocorticoid activity. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and fights other negative physical responses to stress.

Rhodiola – An ancient well-being and energy herb used in both Asian and European medicine for centuries. This potent adrenal adaptogen can modulate the body’s stress response and also promote the generation of cellular energy. All that combined help offset the adverse effects the main stress hormone (aka cortisol) can have on the body. It is found to restore energy and promote well-being effectively as it also supports mood and the immune function.

Holy Basil Leaf Extract – Also known as Tulsi, Holy Basil helps the body respond to stress in a healthy fashion and restore balance during stress. It also elevates the spirit and nourishes the mind while supporting adrenal health.

Pantethine – A critical compound to the management of adrenal fatigue and auto-immune disorders, which allows the adrenals to produce more anti-stress hormone. This, in turns, lowers the body’s inflammatory response. Pantethine is also evidenced to reduce bad (LDL) triglyceride in the body while raising HDL. When mixed with vitamin E, it protects the arteries and heart by preventing cholesterol build up. Among others, this adaptogen can help combat symptoms related to Crohn’s disease and colitis. Using it in conjunction with vitamin C and other nutritionals will maximize its health-promoting effects.

Boerhaavia Diffusa – This plant is used for the treatment of various disorders in the Ayurvedic herbal medicine, including internal inflammation, oedema, gonorrhoea, jaundice, anaemia, kidney and liver disorders, abdominal tumors and pain, corneal ulcers, muscular pain, and more. It has potent adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, and antioxidant activity.

Other Ingredients: Besides the proprietary blends of the compounds mentioned above, the formula also contains plant enzymes (cellulase and peptidase), and HPMC (vegetarian capsule), as well as high-potency vitamin C.

Additional Notes:

  • The recommended usage is 3-6 capsules on a daily basis unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare professional.
  • The product should be stored away from direct sunlight, at room temperature.
  • Ensure you tightly close the bottle after each use.
  • Always consult your healthcare professional before taking any supplements, especially if you are taking medications, or are pregnant/nursing.
  • Adaptocrine is for nutritional use only and is not intended to prevent cure, treat or diagnose any disease.
  • The formula is free from dairy, fish, eggs, yeast, gluten, shellfish, soy, and nuts.

About the Manufacturer

Apex Energetics is a provider of research-based nutritional products delivered explicitly to healthcare professionals only. The company’s business model is to combine practitioner experience and observation and cutting-edge science. Their products are reviewed, formulated, and researched by their Scientific Advisory Board, which provides of a broad spectrum of perspectives, ranging from Eastern and chiropractic approaches to conventional medicine and nutrition to further ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of the Apex Energetics health approaches.