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Dtx-Kidney A12 1 oz

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Product Description

Apex Energetics DTX-Kidney A12 Antitox Homeopathic Formula

Note: Apex Energetics is a professional grade product line administered only by licensed health practitioners. In order for clients to make a purchase, Apex Energetics requires a nutrition consultation with one of our practitioners. Clients may contact us at 866-910-1567 to schedule a consultation.

DTX-Kidney A12 is a homeopathic formula for balancing and enhancing the female endocrine system.

What DTX-Kidney A12 is Best For

DTX-Kidney A12 may be used for the following:
  • Balancing the female endocrine system
  • Water retention
  • Menstrual symptoms
  • Backache
  • Weight loss
  • Excessively stressful conditions

How DTX-Kidney A12 Works

DTX-Kidney A12 by Apex Energetic homeopathic formula is suggested for use by women throughout the Detox Program, especially in the beginning. Very helpful when faced with excessively stressful conditions. Also useful for reducing the "endocrine stress."

DTX-Kidney A12 Serving Size

Adults: Take 10 drops under the tongue 1-3 times a day, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Children: Use half the adult Serving Size.

DTX-Kidney A12 Ingredients

Apis Mellifica 6X Berberis Vulgaris 4X, 6X, 9X Betula Alba 3X Citrus Limonum 3X Citricum Acidum 12X Fagus Sylvatica Gemmae 1X Natrum Muriaticum 9X, 12X, 15X Petroselinum 2X Quercus Peduunculata Gemmae 1X Ren 7C Sinus 7C Solidago Virgaurea 1X Succus Betulae Gemmae 1X Vesica Urinaria 7C

DTX-Kidney A12 Side Effects

There are no known side effects.

DTX-Kidney A12 Where to Buy

DTX-Kidney A12 product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy DTX-Kidney A12 Apex Supplements Online here at or our clinic.