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Proferia Progesterone-ADP 2 oz

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Product Description

About Proferia Progesterone-ADP

Proferia Progesterone-ADP is an all-natural product that provides progesterone as a means to encourage healthy hormone levels in both men and women that are suffering from hormonal imbalances. It is a topical hormone formula that enables people to enjoy their lives free from the unwanted effects of estrogen surplus in the system.

How Proferia Progesterone-ADP Works in Women

Progesterone is a misconceived hormone. What was once considered to be nothing but a sex hormone is now evidenced to be one of the most vital hormones to men and women of all ages. In fact, it plays a critical role in regulating women’s menstrual cycle and also prepares the endometrium after ovulation for the potential of pregnancy.

However, even the slightest increase in the production of a sister hormone, estrogen, can have a profound effect on the body’s overall hormone balance. Too much estrogen circulating in the body can result in multiple unpleasant changes, such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Decreased libido
  • Low energy
  • Constant fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Sleep problems

Unfortunately, many common items we use in our everyday lives make women particularly susceptible to estrogen dominance (when estrogen levels outweigh those of progesterone in the body), including some foods we eat (estrogen is in many chemicals that are used in the production of certain foods) and oral contraceptives. It is also found that many pesticides mimic estrogen in the body. All of those cause hormone imbalances, which prevent us from achieving proper health.

But, all that aside, progesterone also has calming effects, increases energy, boosts the immune system, and is a precursor to several other hormones within the body, which makes its role far more paramount than that of estrogen. Taking into account all the above, every woman can realize the significance of taking a supplement like Proferia Progesterone-ADP.

How Proferia Progesterone-ADP works in Men

Progesterone production in men is 50% less than in women. Nevertheless, its role in hormone balance is just as important. What progesterone primarily does to the male body is prevent it from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, the overproduction of which is believed to be associated with prostate cancer and other conditions, such as hair loss and baldness in men. Plus, it deprives the body of the benefits that testosterone delivers, including the reduction of estradiol - a hormone that could be related to prostate enlargement. Considering that as we age, progesterone and other hormones like testosterone decrease, adding Proferia Progesterone-ADP in your everyday routine will allow you to enjoy a more balanced, healthier life.

Proferia Progesterone-ADP Ingredients

The product contains more than 30 natural compounds. The exclusive proprietary blend of concentrated natural USP (United States Pharmacopeia) progesterone* and bio-active skin factors comprises of soothing Aloe Vera, pure water, and highly soluble wild yam extract (works as a carrier for USP progesterone). In addition, the formula has been enriched with antioxidants (A, C, and E), which provide potent antioxidant protection. It is also lanolin-, animal-derived ingredients- and petroleum-free.

*It is crucial for progesterone creams to contain USP progesterone to convert wild yam extract into progesterone. Those that rely on the body’s ability to do that will not work. Studies have found that the progesterone in Proferia Progesterone-ADP is far safer than synthetic progestins because it is extracted using USP methods, which ensure efficacy, consistency, and safety.

Besides progesterone, among the ingredients are:

Serving Size & How to Use

General Directions: The product should be applied once every day unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare professional. Apply ¼ teaspoon to thin areas of the skin, such as inside the arms, neck, wrist, upper chest, etc. Kindly note that the dosage varies and depends on the symptoms experienced. Therefore, it might be required to apply up to ½ teaspoon of the cream. To maximize results, alternate the area of application.

For premenopausal women: It is recommended to use the cream for 2 weeks in between each menstrual cycle, so, between the 12th and 26th day after the start of their menstruation cycle. Then, stop and reapply on the 12th day of the next menstrual cycle until Day 26, and so on.

Postmenstrual women: Apply the cream for 21 consecutive days every month and give the body time to re-sensitize to the progesterone by taking a week’s break.

Warning: Do NOT use Proferia Progesterone-ADP if you are nursing or pregnant before consulting your physician.

About the Manufacturer

Arthur Andrew Medical is a provider of therapeutic supplements. They have been formulating products with supreme quality materials that come with a proven safety record since 2003. All formulas are the outcome of in-depth research and range from digestive enzymes to joint relief and pet products. Their first product, Neprinol, is the first non-animal-derived (also of the highest potency) systemic enzyme in the world.

All Andrew Arthur supplements include non-GMO ingredients and are meticulously tested for efficacy. Part of the company’s mission is to provide patients with highly effective natural alternatives to invasive treatments.