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Ba Zhen Tang 100 cap

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Product Description

Ba Zhen Tang Capsules

Unit Size: 100 caps

Dosage: 3 capsules, 2-3 times per day

Potency: 5:1 extract granules encapsulated

Contraindications: Do not use during periods of colds or flu

Chinese Symptomology: Qi deficiency; Blood deficiency

Actions: Tonifies and augments the qi and blood

Pattern: Qi and blood deficiency

Tongue: Pale tongue with light coating

Pulse: Thin and frail or large, deficient, and without strength

English name: Tang-Kuei Ginseng Eight Combination, Eight Treasure Decoction


This formula is very good as a Qi and Blood tonic for a person who is deficient in both; it is used for chronic problems or during recovery periods.*


  • Supplement Facts
  • Serving Size: 3 Capsules
  • Servings per Container: 33
  • Amount per Serving
  • Proprietary Blend
  • Angelica Sinensis Root - Dang Gui
  • Ligusticum Rhizoma - Chuan Xiong
  • Paeonia Radix - Bai Shao
  • Rehmannia Radix - Prepared) - Shu Di Huang
  • Panax Ginseng - Ren Shen
  • Atractylodes Rhizoma (White) - Bai Zhu
  • Poria Cocos - Fu Ling
  • Glycyrrhiza Radix - Gan Cao
  • Ginger Rhizome - Sheng Jiang
  • Ziziphus Fructus (Red) - Da Zao
  • Licorice Root (Honey Prepared) - Zhi Gan Cao

Other Ingredients: Starch