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Sheng Mai Yin 100 cap

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Product Description

Sheng Mai San Capsules

Unit Size: 100 Caps

Potency: 5:1 extract granules encapsulated

Properties: Supplements the qi and engenders fluids, constrains yin and stops sweating.

Contraindications: It is not for a person who has the initial-stage summer flu or mild coughing.

Chinese Symptomology: Fatigue, lack of strength, lassitude of the spirit, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration

Actions: Supplements the qi of the heart and lungs, nourishes yin and engenders fluids, quiets the spirit, secures and astringes the heart and lung qi, moistens dryness, clears heat from the heart and transforms phlegm.

Pattern: Qi and yin vacuity, primarily of the heart and lungs

Tongue: Fat, swollen, possibly tender with teeth-marks on its edges.

Pulse: Forceless.

English name: Ginseng & Ophiopogon Caps


Augments the Qi; replenishes the Yin; generates Fluid; helps stop profuse sweating; nourishes the Lungs.*


  • Panax Ginseng - Red (Ren Shen) 50.00%
  • Ophiopogon Radix (Mai Men Dong) 30.00%
  • Schisandra Semen (Wu Wei Zi) 20.00%