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Yang Xin Tang 100 cap

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Product Description

Yang Xin Tang Capsules

Unit Size: 100 Caps

Dosage: As Directed

Potency: 5:1

Chinese Symptomology: Debility or a weak constitution and who has Blood Deficiency without Yin Deficiency.

Western Symptomology: Anemia; insomnia; malaise; face pallor; anxiety; absent-mindedness; nervousness; forgetfulness; severe palpitation; night sweats; low fever; restlessness; poor memory.

Tongue: Usually pale with a thin coating.

Pulse: Usually slow, weak and sometimes irregular.

English name: Astragalus & Zizyphus Decoction


This formula tonifies the Heart; replenishes Blood; calms the Spirit.*


Pharmaceutical LatinPin YinDosage
Astragalus RadixHuang Qi12.58g
Poria CorFu Shen12.58g
Pinellia TuberBan Xia12.58g
Angelica Sinensis RadixDang Gui12.58g
Ligusticum RhizomaChuan Xiong12.58g
Poria CocosFu Ling12.58g
Zizyphus SemenSuan Zao Ren5.03g
Biota SemenBai Zi Ren5.03g
Polygala Tenuifolia RadixYuan Zhi5.03g
Cinnamomum CortexRou Gui3.15g
Glycyrrhiza RadixGan Cao3.14g
Panax GinsengRen Shen3.14g