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Arthro UMP Lumbal GOLD 60 veggie capsules

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Product Description

Arthro UMP Lumbal GOLD 60 vegcaps

Micronutritive support for the vertebral column

Our nervous system runs through our body as a widely ramified network. It sends signals from the brain to all parts of the body and limbs and back to the brain. The main path of many nerves leads through the spine, which is made up of bones, vertebrae and cartilaginous bone connections, the intervertebral discs. Selected micronutrients support the composition, flexibility, strength and comfort of these components.

Arthro UMP Lumbal GOLD - what is it?

Arthro UMP Lumbal GOLD is designed to support the health of vertebral joints, intervertebral discs and spinal nerves. Arthro UMP Lumbal GOLD provides a high proportion of vitamins B1, B6 and B12, chondroitin sulfate, uridine monophosphate and native collagen. Vitamin B1, also called thiamin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 support the function and comfort of the nervous system. Furthermore, Vitamin B12 is needed for DNA replication. The body's own substance uridine monophosphate (UMP) is a natural cell building block - also of the nerves that can renew themselves again and again in the course of life. Chondroitin sulfate and collagen are vital components of cartilage tissue. Studies indicate that chondroitin supports spinal disc integrity. Native collagen stabilizes the connective tissue such as the fibrous ring (annulus fibrosus) that surrounds the intervertebral disc and is responsible for its stability.

Arthro UMP Lumbal GOLD

  • Advanced spine support formula
  • Helps maintain health, mobility and comfort of the spine
  • With high-dose B-vitamins to support healthy nerve cell activity and comfort
  • With uridine monophosphate (UMP), a natural cell building block of the nerves
  • Chondroitin and collagen are components of the cartilage and help maintain healthy composition and comfort of the vertebral joints and intervertebral discs

Product Info

Serving Size: 1 Vegetable Capsule

Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Thiamin (as thiamin mononitrate)20 mg1667%
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal-5- phosphate, activated B6)20 mg1176%
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)250 mcg10417%
Chondroitin sulfate (bovine)500 mg
UMP (uridine monophosphate)25 mg
Native collagen (from chicken)1 mg

Other Ingredients:

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetable capsule shell, Vcaps Plus), microcrystalline cellulose, mannitol

Dietary Considerations

  • Wheat Free
  • Dairy/ Milk Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Salt Free
  • Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors
  • Egg Free
  • Shellfish Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Fish Free
  • Tree Nut Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Casein Free

Suggested Use

1 capsule per day taken with plenty of liquid.


If you are pregnant or nursing, or taking prescription medications, consult your healthcare provider before taking this product.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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Short Shelf Life:Item has a short shelf life of 6 months or less.