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NanoPro immune with raw, alkalized cocoa 30 servings

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BioPharma Scientific NanoPro Immune with Raw

NanoPro immune with raw, alkalized cocoa You have probably heard that whey protein is great for building muscle. If all you want to do is build muscles, then any whey protein will do. However, nanoproPRP from BioPharma Scientific is a combination of a highly bioavailable undenatured whey protein isolate plus colostrums and is the world's most advanced zoonutrient formula designed to help optimize:

  • Tissue repair
  • Antioxidant status
  • Liver and intracellular detoxification
  • Immune function

The combination of undenatured whey isolate and colostrum in NanoProPRP may help you:

  • Increase lean muscle and bone mass
  • Speed your recovery time from exercise, injury, illness, or surgery
  • Reduce injuries related to working out
  • Maintain a trim, fat-burning, lean body mass
  • Enhance immune functions
  • Stabilize blood sugar and blood lipids
  • Stabilize your intestinal function
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Perhaps even extend your life expectancy

1 container contains 594 gm, providing 30 eighteen gm servings, a month's supply.

* Derived from cows not given growth hormones and dairy free of antibiotic residues.

The Building Blocks of NanoProPRP

NanoproPRP, our immune and detox superfood, is a quantum leap in functional food zoonutrition. Just as phytonutrients (found in nanogreens10 and nanoreds10) are health-promoting compounds found in plants, zoonutrients are health promoting compounds found in animals...that provide health benefits beyond the provision of essential nutrients and energy.1

NanoProPRP may have a smooth chocolate flavor, but that does not detract from its scientifically formulated blend of the highest purity undenatured whey protein isolate and colostrum, synergistically fortified with carefully selected nutrients. This immune and detox superfood combines natural components with powerful science and contains:

  • Proline rich polypeptides (PRP) rich in bioactive immune and repair factors
  • Reduced glutathione, your body's most important antioxidant and detoxifier
  • Undenatured, whey protein isolate (non-GMO)
  • Lactose enzymes to minimize intolerance
  • Organic selenium to recycle glutathione
  • Soluable, prebiotic fiber
  • Whole colostrum
  • SuperSorb enhanced delivery systems to enhance absorption

Promote Healthy Immunity and Tissue Repair – Risk Free

NanoproPRP may cost more than basic whey proteins, but it offers so much more than muscle building. Request a sample of NanoProPRP today or order the immune and detox superfood today without risk. That's right: BioPharma Scientific offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on our products. Your health is our business and we look forward to helping you.

1. Diet and Health Trends Concepts and Controversies, University of Idaho

NanoProPRP is manufactured in a cGMP (NNFA - A rated), Organic and FDA-approved facility.