Product Description

About Bio-D-Mulsion Forte:

Bio-D-Mulsion Forte is, at heart, pure Vitamin D that comes in the form of a micro-emulsion so that it can be absorbed and utilized by the body the fastest and easiest way possible. It is the same formula as Bio-D-Mulsion and is particularly effective in conditions with problems related to malabsorption of nutrients, Vitamin D in particular. Studies have demonstrated impressive results in children with vitamin D deficiency that started taking the product, in less than two months.

How Bio-D-Mulsion Forte Works

Clinical studies have shown a considerable increase (202%) in serum levels of 25-OH-vitamin D in children with vitamin D deficiency within six weeks after taking the Bio-D-Mulsion Forte supplement (3x the 25(OH) levels). Each drop of the product supplies the body with 2,000IU of vitamin D3 as opposed to Bio-D-Mulsion that provides 400IU of vitamin D3 in each drop. The fact that the formula supplies emulsified vitamin D minimizes the risk of hypercalcemia, which is particularly vital in an outpatient setting and is a direct outcome of administering single, large dose therapies.

Vitamin D Deficiency & Health Concerns

Vitamin D is important in calcium absorption and the metabolism of the bones. Recent studies indicate that vitamin D can also be classified as a pro-hormone too due to the wide range of applications available for cholecalciferol, a sterol critical for the deposition of calcium in the bones that requires sunlight - it acts on dehydrocholesterol in the skin so that it can be formed. Also, although the upper limit of safe intake of vitamin D has been 1,000IU daily, research has now evidenced that the actual daily requirement of the vitamin could reach 4,000IU. Considering that a few minutes out in the sunshine endogenously produces 10,000IU of vitamin D, we realize that taking Bio-D-Emulsion provides the body with half the necessary amount of vitamin D3 it needs on a daily basis, when exposure to the sun is not a viable option, due to climate or geographical location.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Americans do not synthesize enough vitamin D, and their bodies are working with specks of the vitamin D they need, which leads to vitamin D deficiency issues with mathematical accuracy, given that the lack of vitamin D results in a reduction of calcium absorption. Vitamin D deficiency affects the musculoskeletal system, causing pain and dullness that cannot be effectively treated with manual or pharmacologic therapies. The pain is usually focused on the lumbar spine the lower back although it could also be widespread too.

Other reasons for this pain is the fact that vitamin D deficiency also has an impact on the parathyroid hormone, whose production increases so that the body can sustain blood calcium levels. This, in turns, forces the urinary system to excrete phosphorus, which results in a chain of reaction that begins with hypophosphatemia, the deposition of unmineralized collagen matrix on the bone surface, and the swelling of the collagen matrix and ends with pressure on the periosteum, which eventually causes pain.

Other health concerns of Vitamin D deficiency

  • Unregulated melatonin and serotonin levels.
  • Inability to synthesize and metabolize serotonin and melatonin effectively.
  • Unregulated inflammatory responses.
  • Autoimmune disorders.

Vitamin D receptors are not only found in the bones and gut but also the lymphocytes, prostate, breast, and brain. Therefore, taking vitamin D3 as a supplement has been shown to be critical when a significant improvement of a patient’s overall health is required.

Bio-D-Mulsion Forte Ingredients

The formula contains vitamin D as cholecalciferol. The oil-in-water emulsion has been dispersed in minuscule compounds so that it enhances abruption and assimilation. Other ingredients in the product are sesame seed oil, gum Arabic, and water.

Additional Notes:

  • The recommended dosage is one drop of the formula under or onto the tongue once a day unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Do not exceed the suggested dosage; excessive consumption of the vitamin can lead to serious health issues.
  • The product should be used only under the supervision and direction of a healthcare professional.

About the Manufacturer

Biotics Research is a nutritional supplement manufacturer and nutrition company that has revolutionized the industry by combining the best of nature with scientific ingenuity. For the past 40 years, their products help maximize the nutritional benefits to healthcare practitioners and their patients with top-quality supplements with proven effectiveness and enhanced performance.

From lab to label, everything is thoroughly checked while their focus on research, product safety, natural effectiveness, efficacy, and quality controls of the highest standards has made them one of the most respected brands in the nutritional supplement industry. They also provide practitioners with tools, recommendations, and free educational resources as a means to help improve patient outcomes.