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Product Description

About UltraVir-X

UltraVir-X is a Biotics Research formula that is packed with key vitamins and minerals. The product also contains a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients – all delivering potent immune-boosting attributes. Due to its carefully selected compounds, UltraVir-X offers exceptional supplemental support for the healthy function of the immune system.

How Does UltraVir-X Work?

The formula targets the immune system, and its ingredients are all contributing to a healthy function of the body’s first line of defense. Enabling the body counter health-jeopardizing foreign substances and microorganisms, UltraVir-X helps the body keep the immune system healthy to cope with a new invader or mount a fast response to a destroy one that has re-infected the body. When the immune system is balanced and strong, these responses are swift and cause no symptoms at all. In any other case, an immune system imbalance opens the door to chronic conditions and diseases.

UltraVir-X Ingredients

The formula contains the following active compounds:

Vitamin A – A vitamin that plays a critical role in combating thymic function inhabitation due to stress. Vitamin A is also found to improve the body’s antiviral activity, as well as contributing to the maintenance and development of the mucosal surface – the first barrier to invaders/microorganisms. Additionally, Vitamin A has been evidenced to encourage the production of antibodies, phagocytosis, and the killer activity of the cells.

Vitamin C – It supports the immune system in several different ways. Vitamin C is also found within white blood cells in large quantities. This helps boost phagocytosis and improves the function of both T-cells and B-cell types. Vitamin C also comes loaded with antihistamine-like qualities while also increasing the production of antibodies and reducing inflammation. Finally, Vitamin C enhances interferon production, among many other non-specific immune responses. Plus, it improves B-cell immunoglobin synthesis.

Zinc – Zinc is a cofactor for 100+ enzymes, alcohol dehydrogenase, and RNA and DNA polymerase. It has a fundamental activity when it comes to the proliferation of the immune cells. Zinc also plays a key role in the inactivation of free radicals, being a cofactor for zinc/copper superoxide dismutase. Zinc deficiency affects cells involved in the immune process, especially those with rapid turnover rates.

Copper – The primary copper protein of serum is the ceruloplasmin enzyme, which is also responsible for binding and storing iron and transporting copper. It is also a key participant in the acute inflammation stage. The synthesis of ceruloplasmin is regulated nu tissue necrosis factor, as well as Interleukin-6 and Interleukin-1.

Wheat Grass – In the Ultravir-X formula, wheat grass is in the form of powder. The specific ingredient is a source of plant pigments and trace minerals, with chlorophyll being among them. Chlorophyll has powerful antioxidant properties, which contribute to the protection of lymphocytes. This, consequently, helps increase immune function significantly.

Bupleurum – A herb that has been traditionally used in China to help provide the liver and gastrointestinal system with all the support they need for a healthy function. It is regarded as a cool and bitter herb that can normalize the body’s responses to inflammation. The roots of the herb contain saiko-saponins, a group of terpenoid saponins. Lab tests have demonstrated that they boost phagocytic activity and enhance immune function. Bupleurum also has phytosterols and bupleurans, pectin-like polysaccharides, which encourage increased/more effective adrenal cortex hormonal response.

Astragalus – A herb widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help increase Qi and tonify the blood and spleen. It includes many key nutrients, such as beta-sitosterol, glucuronic acid, kumatakenin, betaine, choline, astragalosides, cycloastragenol, formononetin, calycosin, isoflavone, and D-asparagine. Lab tests have shown that astragalus extract can improve the body’s response to T-cell dependent antigens. The herb is also found to boost phagocytic activity.

Bee Propolis – Beehives contain a plant-derived material with a sticky texture, namely propolis. Among the many compounds of propolis are vital antioxidants, such as phenethyl ester and caffeic acid. Research has shown that propolis can inhibit Gram and cocci-positive with minimal effect on Gram-negative bacteria and also fostering the normal production of eicosanoids.

Maitake Mushroom – A compound that is a rich source of Vitamin C, niacin, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and fiber, including glucans. Lab tests have evidenced that Maitake Mushroom can reduce serum lipids without affecting HDL levels while also helping balance triglycerides and blood glucose.

Hesperidin – Hesperidin is believed to help reduce increased capillary permeability and reduced capillary resistance, bringing balance between the two functions. Hesperidin is the rutinoside of hesperitin, a flavanone that can lower vascular permeability. Along with other flavonoids, hesperidin can help the body economize on Vitamin C.

Rutin – A flavonoid with an antiviral activity that diminishes capillary hyper-permeability by helping to maintain capillary integrity and stabilizing connective tissue. This bioavailable form of flavonoid holds potent antioxidant qualities, which enable the neutralization of the phagocytic cell-generated reactive oxygen species during excessive inflammation. Rutin has been evidenced to impact the immune system in multiple ways. It also inhibits basophil and mast cell degranulation, which, in turn, limits the production of both inflammatory agents and lysosomal degradative enzymes via activities such as blocking lipoxygenase and inhibiting the arachidonic acid cascade.

UltraVir-X also has Red-rooted Sage, Boneset, Black Walnut, Cang-Zhu Atractylodes, and Sweet Violet.

Other ingredients include vegetable source (magnesium stearate) and capsule shell (water and gelatin).

Important Notes:

  • Do NOT take if you are lactating or pregnant.
  • Always consult your healthcare practitioner before using a dietary supplement, UltraVir-X included, if you are taking medications.
  • The recommended dose is one capsule three times a day unless your healthcare professional instructs otherwise.

About Biotics Research

Biotics Research is a world-renowned manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Founded more than 40 years ago, they create supreme quality, innovative formulas of improved efficiency, performance, and bioavailability.

Some of Biotics Research’s most notable products are cardiovascular function-enhancing Biomega-1000, detoxification-encouraging Beta-Plus, vitamin-providing Bio-Multi Plus, respiratory health-boosting A.D.P., and immune function-improving Bio-ADEK-Mulsion.