Carlson Labs

Carlson Labs

About Carlson Labs

Founded in 1965 in Norway, Carlson Labs is a family-owned company dedicated to providing high-quality natural supplements. Led by founders John and Susan Carlson, the company has pioneered innovations in fish oil and vitamin E supplements.

After Susan's father benefited greatly from taking vitamin E, the Carlsons sought to share the power of nutritional supplements more widely. This mission of improving lives through nutrition remains central to Carlson Labs today.

Commitment to Quality

Carlson controls every step of the production process, from sea to store, to ensure potency, purity and freshness. Their fish oils undergo independent testing by IFOS and IGEN, consistently earning 5-star ratings for purity. Carlson also holds certifications for sustainability and superior taste from Friends of the Sea and the International Taste and Quality Institute.

Range of Supplements

Product lines have expanded over 50 years to include fish oils, vitamin E, B vitamins, vitamin D3, minerals like magnesium and zinc, and specialty formulas. Top sellers available at include Omega-3 Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, E-Gems Vitamin E, B12 Tablets, Mini-Multis, and Lutein for vision health.