Brand: Classical Pearls Legacy Series

Metal Pearls 90 capsules 500 milligrams

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Product Description

Metal Pearls

Unit Size

90 Capsules / 500mg


Take 2 capsules three times per day, or as instructed by your health care practitioner (adjust dosage for children according to age and size



Chinese Symptomology

chest and throat congestion, cough, wheezing, shortness of breath; constipation; skin conditions; chronic inflammation in the head and sensory orifices. swollen lymph glands, chest pain, vascular calcifications and other forms of blood vessel obstruction. inhibited urination, edema. bloating, blood sugar instability, heartburn. plaque formation. sensation of being stuck and overwhelmed, indecisiveness, grief/sadness, frequent sighing.


Disinhibit downward momentum of the LU/LI and related organ networks; clear physical and/or emotional stagnation in head, throat and chest areas; clear skin Transform phlegm in the GB/ST, encourage downward draining function of all fu organs Promote the flow of qi and blood by disinhibiting the "vessel opening" function of the LU Regulate qi and fluid metabolism in upper and middle burners; alleviate lymphatic congestion by clearing fluid stagnation Resolve toxic accumulation, prevent degeneration in lymphatic and vascular systems Nourish LU yin, calm shen, ease emotional stress


Slippery pulse in LU position (right cun)

Chinese name

Lijin Tang