Brand: Classical Pearls Legacy Series

Vitality Pearls 90 capsules 500 milligrams

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Product Description

Vitality Pearls

Unit Size

90 Capsules / 500mg


Take 2 capsules three times per day, or as instructed by your health care practitioner (adjust dosage for children according to age and size



Chinese Symptomology

Fatigue (often accompanied by inner restlessness) General state of yang deficiency after/during recovery from chronic disease Gas/bloating


Tonify yang qi in post-natal (taiyin) and pre-natal (shaoyin) organ systems Strengthen bones Balance endocrine system and stabilize blood sugar Stabilize vitality of terrain (needed at tail end of treatment plan for most patients recovering from chronic illness)


Tai yin and shao yin qi deficiency.

Chinese name

Jian yang Dan