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Krill Oil 60 soft gels 500 milligrams

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Product Description

Daiwa Krill Oil

What is Daiwa Krill Oil?

Daiwa Krill Oil is a super antioxidant composed of pure oil derived from Antarctic krill. Krill are plentiful, tiny, bright pink, shrimp-like crustaceans. Krill oil is the only marine oil that includes a combination of three (3) key substances the human body needs to function properly: omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA), phospholipids (an important component of the cell membranes) and antioxidants including astaxanthin (a potent carotenoid that gives krill its red-orange color).

Daiwa Krill are harvested responsibly.

Benefits of Daiwa Krill Oil:

  • Superior Source of DHA and EPA Omega-3s
  • Greater Bio-availability than Fish Oil
  • Promotes Heart, Joint, and Brain Health
  • Source of Astaxanthin; powerful antioxidant
  • Relives Discomfort from PMS
  • Eases the Transition into Menopause
  • No Fishy Aftertaste

How Does Daiwa Krill Oil Work?

Krill oil provides the body's best source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. It is rich in phospholipid EPA and DHA providing greater bio-availability, superior to fish and flax oils.
Krill oil also delivers the fatty acids omega-6 and omega-9, as well as vitamins A and E.

Better Choice than Fish or Other Marine Oils:

Krill Oil and fish oil are both sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. In krill oil, however, the EPA and DHA Omega-3s are bound to phospholipids. Phospholipids are natural, integral parts of cells and modules of cell membranes. In contrast, fish oil has EPA and DHA bound to triglycerides, which are in the form of fats the body stores as body fat for use as energy in the future. The phospholipid form of Omega-3s is better utilized by the body to promote cellular function than triglyceride Omega3s, which are primarily used for energy consumption.

It should be noted that triglycerides don't disperse in fluids and have a tendency to float to the top of the stomach fluids, which can result in fishy burps, often associated with fish oil supplements. By comparison, phospholipids Omega-3s do disperse in water and are easily absorbed in the stomach fluids, as a result, there is no fishy aftertaste with krill oil. In addition, the Omega-3s provided from krill oil are more bio-available and more efficient than Omega-3s derived from fish oil and other marine oils.

Who Needs Daiwa Krill Oil?

All adults who are seeking any of the benefits presented above.

All adults taking fish oils pursuing an alternative source of omega-3 fatty acids without the fishy after taste.