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DIM-Evail 120 softgels 100 milligrams

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Product Description


About DIM-EvailTM

DIM-EvailTM by Designs for Health is a formula that contains DIM (Diindolylmethane), a compound that contributes to the healthy metabolism of estrogen and provides 100mg of DIM per softgel. Also known as a “plant indole”, DIM is found in cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli, and gives these vegetables the health attributes they are known for.

When taken orally, though, the absorption of DIM from the human body is minimal due to its crystalline structure. The manufacturer managed to resolve this issue by using a Designs for Health Evail-exclusive proprietary process that boosts the absorption of DIM. The procedure utilizes a proprietary blend of vitamin E, lecithin (non-soy derived), and MCT oils while skipping the use of any surfactants that might be harmful. As a result, this all-natural process used by the product manufacturer allows for superior effects by reducing the DIM absorption time while increasing the absorption rate at the same time.

How Dim-EvailTM Works

Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C) is the primary plant indole in cruciferous vegetables and converts to DIM in the human body. When used as supplements, both DIM and I3C have proven health-promoting qualities and help foster the healthy metabolism of estrogen. However, DIM is found to have improved health benefits, considering that it does not come tied with the side effects associated with the use of I3C, including equilibrium problems and nausea.

That aside, it is widely known that women and men produce several different types of estrogen. According to research, individuals can achieve optimal health by balancing two estrogen types, namely 2 Hydroxy Estrogen and 16 Hydroxy Estrogen. DIM has been found to foster a better balance between these two estrogen types, which, consequently, gives the body an improved protective effect. Simultaneously, DIM also plays the role of an “aromatase inhibitor”. This means that it can also make more testosterone available in the body by preventing some of it from converting to estrogen, which can have a positive effect on athletic performance and sexual desire in both women and men.

Importance of Estrogen Balance in the Body

Estrogen is a hormone that helps initiate sexual development in women and plays a vital role in men’s sexual function. Alongside other hormones in the female body, such as progesterone, estrogen contributes to the regulation of the menstrual cycle while affecting the female reproductive system in its entirety. High levels of estrogen in women can lead to several health conditions, such as:

  • Blood clots
  • Stroke
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Weight changes
  • Fatigue or sleepiness
  • Breast cancer
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Bloating
  • Tenderness in the breasts
  • Swelling in the breasts
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Mood swings
  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Increased PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) symptoms
  • Sleeping problems
  • Headaches
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Hair loss
  • Memory issues
  • Cold feet or hands

Men may also exhibit some symptomatology related to high estrogen levels and an overall imbalance between their testosterone and estrogen levels. Infertility is among the conditions men usually face when they have high estrogen in their body. This is because estrogen participates in the creation of healthy sperm, along with other hormones, of course. Increased estrogen levels may cause sperm levels to fall, leading to various fertility problems. Another common issue faced by men with high estrogen levels is erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia, a condition that allows the development of larger breasts in men.

Factors Affecting Estrogen Levels in the Body

Although estrogen levels may increase naturally at some point in an individual’s life, it is also evidenced that some medications indeed lead to estrogen reaching problematic levels. These include drugs taken to treat menopause symptoms, which are widely used during Estrogen Replacement Therapy. What else can upset the body’s hormonal balance is the drop of progesterone or testosterone levels, which can be triggered by the body itself.

DIM-EvailTM Ingredients

Each softgel capsule contains 100mg Diindolylmethane (DIM). The product is made with non-GMO compounds. That aside, DIM-EvailTM also contains vitamin E, sunflower lecithin, and purified water.


  • The recommended dosage is one softgel capsule per day (to be taken with a meal) unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • The formula is heat-sensitive and should be kept away from direct sunlight or close to other heat sources.
  • The product is gluten, soy, and dairy-free.

About the Manufacturer

Designs for Health is a leading manufacturer of supreme quality research-based and evidence-driven nutritional formulas. Founded in 1989, the company has always remained a family-run corporation with a distinct focus on providing products created with synergistic formulations for maximum patient results. Sold exclusively to healthcare professionals, all Designs for Health products come with proven efficacy and are created with the use of high-quality ingredients. Among the company’s objectives is to facilitate professional development. For that reason, it offers continuous education to the practitioners that join the Designs for Health network.

Some of their best-selling formulas are metabolic and glucose-supporting Metabolic Synergy, memory-enhancing and anxiety-fighting NeuroMag, free radical-combating Inflammatone, Complete Mineral Complex, optimal health-encouraging Homocysteine Supreme, and detox-promoting VegeCleanse Plus.