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Monolaurin-Avail 120 vegetarian capsules

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Product Description

Designs for Health Monolaurin-Avail

Monolaurin-Avail is an encapsulated formula of monolaurin (glycerol monolaurate), a form of lauric acid, which is the predominant fatty acid in coconut and palm kernel oils and is also present in human breast milk (as 3.5-6.6 percent of total calories).

What Monolaurin-Avail is Best For

Monolaurin-Avail is recommended for people Supporting normal immune functions.

Monolaurin-Avail may be used for the following:

  • Supports normal immune function without adverse affects on beneficial intestinal flora

How Monolaurin-Avail Works

Monolaurin-Avail by Designs for Health is designed to offer potent support for immune health without adverse effects on beneficial intestinal flora. It contains vitamin C for added immune benefit, and sunflower lecithin to enhance absorption of the monolaurin.

Monolaurin-Avail Serving Size

2 capsules

Monoluarin-Avail Ingredients

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 170 mg

Monoluarin (as Glycerol Monolaurate) 1 g

Other ingredients: Cellulose (capsule), dicalcium phosphate, sunflower lecithin, silicon dioxide, vegetable stearate.

This product is made with non-GMO ingredients