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Male Function 60 capsules 750 milligrams

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Product Description

Dr Kang Formulas Male Function Herbal Dietary Function

Male Function is a traditional Chinese herbal formula used for insufficiency of Kidney Yin, Kidney Yang, and Qi.

What Male Function is Best For

Male Function may be used for the following:
  • Supports normal erectile function
  • Supports normal sperm count


  • Kidney Yin deficiency
  • Kidney yang deficiency
  • Qi deficiency
  • Marked by backache, leg weakness, sensation of cold, fatigue, and dizziness

How Male Function Works

Male Function by Dr. Kang Formulas successfully provides a strong tonification of Kidney, Heart and Spleen Qi and by calming the emotions and improving mood. This formula warms the Kidney, strengthens the Yang, nourishes the Yin, as stated tonifies Kidney Qi, Heart Qi, and Spleen Qi, softens the Liver, and clears the Damp Heat.

Male Function Serving Size

2 to 3 capsules, three times per day morning, noon and evening. For use in enhancing male sexual=4 to 5 capsules, three times per day morning, noon and evening.

Male Function Ingredients

Ren Shen (Panax ginseng Radix) Lu Rong (Cervis elaphus Cornu) Shou Di Huang (Rehmannia glutinosa Radix) She Chuan Zi (Cnidium monnieri Semen) Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis Radix) Xiao Hui Xiang (Foeniculum bulgare Fructus) Mai Men Dong (Ophiopogonis japonicum Tuber) Yin Yang Huo (Epimedium grandiflorum Herba) Jin Yin Hua (Lonicera japonica Flos)

Male Function Side Effects

Kidney yin deficiency Kidney yang and qi deficiency

Male Function Where to Buy

Male Function product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Male Function Online here at or our clinic.