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Stem Xcell Pro 60 veggie capsules

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Product Description

Stem XCell Pro

Promotes the health, proliferation and maintenance of stem cells.


  • Boosts stem cells
  • Contains the patented University developed NT-020 blend
  • Cellular regeneration & cognitive function

Stem cells are often known as master cells. The primary role of stem cells is to maintain and repair tissue. With age, stem cells decrease in number. These cells have the potential to develop into most tissues in the body, supporting recovery in damaged areas.

Stem XCell Pro utilizes NT-020, a patented blend developed at a leading university in Florida, to promote the growth and health of stem cells. This unique combination blends vitamin D3, herbal ingredients, and plant extracts. This polyphenol-rich formula promotes general health, cognitive function, and supports the body’s natural repair processes. Enzymes are incorporated to enhance potency and effectiveness in supporting the body’s cellular health.