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Dong Quai & Arctium Formula 32 ounce

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Product Description

Far East Summit Chinese Classics Dong Quai & Arctium Formula 32 oz

Dong Quai & Arctium Formula, also known as Xiao Feng San is a traditional Chinese formula used to clear heat, disperse wind and dissipate accumulation.

Unit Size: 32oz

Potency: 5:1

Chinese Symptomology: Clears Heat ~Disperses Wind ~Dissipates accumulations

Western Symptomology: Poor vision ~Swelling of the neck ~Swelling under the jaw

Actions: Expels wind, eliminates dampness, clears heat and cools the blood.

Pattern: External Wind and internal Heat affecting the head and neck.

Tongue: Rapid-Wiry pulse (Shu Xian)

Pulse: Yellow Coating

English name: Wind-Dispersing Combination


Class: Eliminate Wind ~ Subclass: Disperse external Wind ~ Source/Author: Shi Yi De Xiao Fang (Effective Formulas from Generations of Physicians)

Complete extraction 5:1 liquid concentrate from Far East Summit processed using purified water and whole grain alcohol only. Alcohol content 16-25%.


Dong Quai root, Gypsum mineral, Raw Rehmannia root, Akebia stem, Anemarrhena rhizome, Arctium seed, Black Sesame seed, Siler root, White Atractylodes root, Schizonepeta herb, Periostracum Cicada, Shrubby Sophora (ku shen)root, Chinese Licorice root.