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Milk Thistle 1000 120 liquid capsules

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Product Description

Milk Thistle 1000?

Supports healthy liver function

Research suggests Milk Thistle helps promote a healthy liver to support overall wellness. Our Milk Thistle seed is extracted to preserve optimal potency: The low-temperature, low-pressure process concentrates the herb's important phytochemical Silymarin, which is believed to help maintain healthy liver cells and cholesterol metabolism in individuals with already normal cholesterol levels. With 1,000 mg of Milk Thistle per serving, this formula delivers 450 mg total Silymarins.

  • Helps keep the liver functioning at its best
  • Aids in the body's natural detoxification process
  • Best-selling liver formula, single-herb extract in convenient capsules for anytime, anywhere support

Suggested Use

Adults take 5 capsules daily between meals.Warning:Not for use during pregnancy. If you are nursing,?have a medical condition, or take medications please consult with your healthcare practitioner before use. Use only as directed on label. Safety-sealed for your protection. Keep bottle capped at all times and store in a cool, dry place. Natural separation may occur. This does not affect product quality.?Store away from children.