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Black Seed Oil 60 capsules

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Product Description

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil, also known as Nigella, has been revered for centuries as an Ayurvedic herb that supports lung health and helps maintain the respiratory system. With lung health being more important than ever, you can provide your lungs with the support that they need with this powerful single herb extract that helps keep lungs working optimally and efficiently. Cold-pressed oil provides the full-spectrum of constituents, maintaining the plant's natural integrity and balance, and keeping the extract as close to the original plant as possible.

  • Supports lung health and helps maintain the respiratory system.
  • Provides antioxidant support.
  • Cold-pressed Black Seed Oil in a convenient capsule format.

Suggested Use

Adults take 2 capsules 1-2 times daily between meals.

Not for use during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your doctor before use. Store away from children. Use only as directed on label. Safety-sealed for your protection. Keep bottle capped at all times and store in a cool, dry place. Natural separation may occur. This does not affect product quality.

Featured Herbs & Ingredients

Black Seed

Nigella sativa is an annual with pale blue to purple flowers and thin, divided leaves that is commonly called Black Seed, Black Cumin Seed, and Black Caraway Seed. Nigella is a member of the Ranunculaceae or Buttercup family along with Goldenseal, Black Cohosh, and Yellowroot, and should not be mistaken as a relative of cumin or caraway, both Apiaceae, or carrot family plants. N. sativa grows wild in parts of northern Africa and the middle east. The seeds, perhaps due to their antioxidant content, maintain viability even in extreme temperatures and sun exposure. Nigella sativa has an extensive and rich history of use. Evidence of the use of N. sativa dates back to 1650 B.C. at an archeological site in Turkey, where the seeds were found mixed with honey & propolis (a practice of which still persists in the region to modern day). N. sativa seeds were found in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun. The cultivation and processing of N. sativa seeds is referenced in chapter 28 in the Book of Isaiah of the Hebrew Bible. Dioscorides (40-90 CE), a renowned Greek herbalist, described the use of N. sativa seeds both medicinally and culinarily in his pharmacopeia of medicinal plants titled De Materia Medica. Evidence of the importation of N. sativa seeds was even found in an archeological site of a 2nd century roman settlement near the Rhine river in Germany. Use of N. sativa was also written about by Galen & Hippocrates, both renowned ancient physicians who lived in ~200 A.D. Rome, and ~400 B.C Greece, respectively.

Other Ingredients

Sunflower lecithin, sunflower oil, and vegan capsule (hypromellose, chlorophyll).

Does Not Contain

Corn, Dairy, Gluten, Peanuts, Shellfish, Soy, Sugar, Tree Nuts, Yeast